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Curriculum and Registration


  • Undergraduate catalog
  • Catalog year – Upon matriculation, students have seven calendar years to complete requirements for a bachelor’s degree and are eligible to elect to follow degree requirements from any subsequent catalog within those seven years with consultation with an advisor or academic assistant dean. Students are not eligible to enter programs (majors/minors/concentrations) that have been disestablished by the Faculty Senate if not already declared within those programs prior to the term the disestablishment is effective. Students who fail to complete degree requirements within seven calendar years relinquish the right to graduate under the requirements set forth in the catalog at their time of matriculation and may be held to current degree requirements. Exceptions for a student using a catalog that is more than seven years old must be approved by the student’s academic assistant dean. If a student loses matriculation, an application for readmission is required. Students accepted for readmission will be held to the degree requirements in place at the time of readmission.
  • University requirements for graduation
  • Major and minor requirements
  • Honors requirements


  • Registrar’s website
  • When can students register and change their schedules?
  • How do students register?
  • What do the section numbers indicate?
  • Registration holds
    • An advisor must complete the probation check-list form and forward to the Senior Assistant Dean to have a probation hold removed – See form here
  • If a class if full
    • Waiting lists – if no waiting list, refer the student to the department
  • Course load/exceeding the max course load – “finish in four” – “A normal course load for a full-time undergraduate student consists of five academic courses (15-17 credits). All full-time students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits. Students that want to enroll in more than 18 credits are subject to the overload policy –over load policy.  Students on academic probation are limited to 14 credits.
  • Honors registration (for non-honors students) – Students that would like to enroll in an honors section, but are not admitted to the honors program must have an overall GPA of 3.00 and submit the course registration request form – See form here.
  • International student registration policies – see Register as a full-time student
    • Request for Reduced Enrollment – This application will be submitted online through the OISS website and the advisor will receive a web form to complete. This request is only allowed one time per academic level in addition to the last semester of study if needed.
  • Online course registration –  Students enrolling in online courses to be taken on campus may enroll through UDSIS. Students enrolling in online courses to be taken out of the state of Delaware must register online through Professional and Continuing Studies – See form here.