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Event Request Form

Please complete this form to request Lerner Event Team support for your event. Once we receive it, we will contact your for further details. Please note that we may not be able to offer full or any support for last-minute requests.

Key Items to Consider

The Lerner Event team can help you with event creation, logistics and executing your event.

You are responsible for:

  • Developing content
  • Setting the agenda
  • Identifying and securing speakers/special guests

Before you complete this request form, it will be helpful consider the following timelines.  When considering the elements of your event, please keep in mind that others are involved in the execution of your event.  We will be coordinating many of the vendors below.  Their general turnaround times/deadlines are listed to assist you in planning.  Plan early to plan well!


Vendor Turnaround times/deadlines
Lerner Communications See project turnaround times
Lerner IT
Supply equipment in stock Up to 2 business days
Supply equipment out of stock Up to 14 business days
Event support – complex event Up to 4 business weeks
Event support – less complex event Up to 5 business days
Lerner Events
Request for event support – complex event Up to 6 business weeks preferred
Request for event support – less complex event Up to 3 business weeks preferred
Catering orders No less than 10 business days before event
Catering food guarantee No less than 4 business days before event
Registration site creation/testing/launch No less than 21 days
University media services Up to 4 business weeks
University photo services No less than 7 business days
UD movers No less than 7 business days
UD event security No less than 14 business days

Event Request Form

Please enter an amount in USD. Numbers only.
Please enter the number of people you anticipate. Numbers only.
Please include any other details that are not covered above. We look forward to working with you!