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UDREAM Program

UDREAM (“U” Develop Resources for Excellence in Academic Management) provides academic support services to Lerner Undergraduate students through the Academic Coaching Program and Peer Mentoring program.

UDREAM Academic Coaching Program

As a UDREAM participant, you’ll meet with an Academic Coach throughout each semester to:

  • Set long-term and short-term goals
  • Manage time more efficiently
  • Develop organizational strategies
  • Enhance study skills
  • Monitor progress in individual classes
  • Receive referrals to connect with other university support services
  • Access free individual tutoring services (funded through the program if eligibility guidelines have been satisfied)

Contact Us

If you want consistent support throughout the semester to help with the college transition or you currently want to improve your academic status, we encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment or for more information – all you have to do to get help is ask for it!

Please complete this UDREAM Interest Form, and we will contact you in a few days.

Stephen Roberts, UDREAM Academic Program Coordinator/Academic Coach

David Schultz, Academic Advisor/Academic Coach

Peer Mentors

Hayley Haddad

Major: Business management
Minor: Fashion management
Year: Senior
Hometown: Bucks County, PA

Hello, my name is Hayley Haddad and I am from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am a business management major with a minor in fashion management here at UD. My dad and sister are both in the business field and watching them succeed in their jobs really made me want to be a business major. I am a fashion minor because fashion is something I love and I want to include that in whatever job I do get one day. Right now at UD I am a part of Greek life, Gamma Phi Beta, and through the sorority I am a part of the diversity and inclusion committee. I also do volunteer work for Girls on the Run. Some of my favorite classes are the ones I take for fashion, but some of the classes for my business major I really liked were hospitality and MISY courses. I have found that I’ve always been really good with laptops and software programs so that’s why I think I like using Excel and Access. I am also a part of fashion merchandising club and Udress here at UD. Right now for the summer I work at Nordstrom Rack by the Christiana mall and live in a townhouse on East Cleveland Street. I love lots of types of music – but not so much country or electronic music. I LOVE shopping, clothes, taking photos and editing pics of any of those things. During my free time I love to workout, hang out with friends, and go to UDairy :). I chose to be a peer mentor because I have a mentor through the Lerner program myself and I can see how someone older and experienced can help a lot. I would love to help out a new student here. Here’s my instagram – @Hayley.haddad. If anyone wants to reach out, my UD email is hhhaddad@udel.edu !!!

Mike Incitti

Majors: Economics and finance
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: New York City

Hey, my name is Mike Incitti and I am a sophomore from New York City. I am dual majoring in economics and finance. Some things I am very involved in on campus: I am an analyst for the Energy and Utilities sector in the Blue Hen Investment Club; a member of Sigma Chi, a social fraternity; and Phi Chi Theta, a business fraternity. In the future I want to go into investment banking. I feel that my involvement on campus and the classes I take are preparing me for this role. I chose to be a peer mentor to give back to the program that helped me succeed my freshman year. UDream helped me to set goals and pursue them. In my free time you can find me in the gym, hanging out with my friends, and watching Netflix. I hope you first year at UD is fun and successful. If you have any questions about anything, please email me! (mincitti@udel.edu) Good luck!

Ryleigh Pineda

Major: Sport management
Minor: Event management
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: New York

Hi, my name is Ryleigh Pineda. I am a sophomore sport management major with an event management minor, and I’m originally from New York. I chose sport management because I used to swim, play softball, and play volleyball throughout middle and high school, and I really enjoy watching and playing sports. I chose event management as my minor because I consider myself to be very organized and analytical. Being behind the scenes in all aspects of events, especially sports, is what I really look forward to doing in the future. My favorite class so far has been my Intro to Sport Management class because it taught me different aspects of the sports industry that I can enter, and I also enjoyed learning from my professor. I currently work for the Athletic Department as part of their event staff which I enjoy very much. My job allows me to get a behind-the-scenes look at what to look forward to in the future. Outside of school I enjoy hanging out with friends, sitting on the green, and listening to music. I am so excited to be a peer mentor this year because I was once mentored during my freshman year of high school. I know how nerve-wracking it can be to enter a new school with so many students you have never met before. Having a mentor my first year of high school inspired me to become one my junior and senior year and I am excited to participate in a mentorship program again. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Dev Naik

Majors: Finance and financial planning and wealth management
Minor: Trust management
Year: Junior
Hometown: Morris Plains, NJ

Hello, my name is Dev Naik and I’m currently a junior from Morris Plains, New Jersey. I am pursuing a double major in finance and financial planning and wealth management along with a minor in trust management. I am a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and serve as the current scholarship chair. In the last two years, I have enjoyed my financial courses and I am very excited to start exploring the world of trust management this fall. I am excited to be a peer mentor because I remember how starting college felt and want to help all you new students find your start. Through this role I am going to try to the best of my ability to inspire and motivate each and every one of you. I will also help myself grow as a student who is ready to take on the real world and pass on values and ethics to younger students. Thanks to my advisor, I am given an opportunity to help the Lerner Business School grow and give back to those who have helped me. Aside from school, I enjoy working out, watching a good movie from time to time, reading, and spending time with my friends. I am open to all questions and would love to get to know you guys as the school year moves forward. Best wishes as you begin your journey at the University of Delaware.

Ashley Smith

Majors: Finance and financial planning and wealth management
Minor: Business analytics
Year: Junior
Hometown: Queens, NY

Hi, my name is Ashley Smith and I’m a junior from Queens, NY. I’m double majoring in finance and financial planning and wealth management with a minor in business analytics. On campus, I’m a part of Women in Business and I work at the Joe Biden School of Public Policy. My favorite classes so far have been Principles of Finance and Economics of Developing Nations. The finance class really gave me the building blocks that are needed in the finance world and the economics class was a good insight into emerging markets. This summer I was a Girls Who Invest scholar and intern at Assured Investment Management. After I graduate I plan to go into investment banking and eventually transition into private equity or corporate finance. In my spare time I enjoy reading, roller skating, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. I accepted the peer mentor position because I have been the beneficiary of mentorship and I would like to pass that on. Starting college can be a daunting experience and I want to help you all along the way. Wishing you all the best of luck as you start your post-secondary journey at UD; please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions; my email is ansash@udel.edu.

Nicholas Allen

Major: Accounting
Year: Junior
Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Hello, my name is Nicholas Allen and I am a junior from Wilmington, Delaware. I am currently majoring in accounting, with hopes of adding a minor in economics. I am a member of the rugby team and I am passionate about working out. I look forward to being able to help new students navigate through their academic term. I hope to pass on some of the advice I was given through my first two years in college and help make another’s college experience a bit more easy. Reach out to me at my email, nickal@udel.edu.

Eid Nouhra

Major: Finance
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lewes, DE

Hello, my name is Eid Nouhra and I am a junior from Lewes, Delaware. I am currently studying finance, and I lifeguard in the summer in Dewey Beach. So far, my favorite class has been accounting because of the challenge and type of material. I enjoy working out and running in my free time. I also participate in intramural sports. I am planning on playing football, basketball and soccer this year with my fraternity. I chose to peer mentor because I missed my freshman year due to covid and had to figure everything out quickly during my sophomore year, which I believe taught me a lot. I really enjoy helping others when I can and am looking forward to giving my best and honest advice to anyone who has questions. Good luck and have fun as you take on your first year at UD!

Grace Fritz

Major: Operations management and marketing
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Year: Senior
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Hello, my name is Grace Fritz and I’m from Ellicott City, Maryland (~20 min. outside Baltimore). I am an operations management and marketing double major with an entrepreneurship minor. I enjoy learning about how things work, how to make them better, and how to continuously improve marketing tactics which is why operations and marketing are a perfect combination. One of my favorite classes I’ve taken is BUAD 479, in which I am now a TA. The class is the marketing capstone course where you get to play a semester-long simulation about running your own business and competing against your peers. This past summer I interned at T.Rowe Price which was an amazing experience learning about the investment and asset management industry. I would love to work in this industry because there is so much to learn and it involves a lot of analytical skills. I am currently the VP of operations for Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity. It’s been one of my favorite experiences on campus because I’ve been able to grow professionally and also meet some of my best friends. In addition, I am an event director for UDRESS Magazine. I modeled for the magazine one semester which was a blast. Some of my favorite things are coffee shops and country music. I love shopping for things I don’t need and my favorite foods are tacos and pasta, haha. I really like planning things and putting on events. I wanted to be a peer mentor because I think mentorship is a really important part of college that goes unnoticed. I have had a lot of experiences in coursework, roommates, and juggling extracurriculars so I would love to help others navigate their college experience. Feel free to add me on Instagram @gracefritzz or LinkedIn (bc im a business major) @grace-fritz. My email is gkfritz@udel.edu.

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