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Be familiar with the University policies that impact you as a student.

University Policies

Excused Absences

The University of Delaware excused absence policy states, in short, that a student’s absence from class can be excused if:

  1. The absence falls on a religious holiday listed in University Calendars (e.g. Passover, Good Friday)
  2. The absence is due to athletic participation or extracurricular activities
  3. The absences is due to a family emergency or death within a student’s family
  4. The absence is due to the serious illness of the student. Please note – one-day absences due to illnesses such as colds or minor illnesses should be handled between the student and the faculty. When possible, the student should report the expected absence before class meeting.

Interviews, travel for family weddings, or early travel home at the end of a semester are examples of things that are not considered excused by the University.

If you are planning to be absent for a religious holiday, please let your faculty know as early as possible of your intention to be absent.

Procedure: If you are out due to your own illness, please send documentation from a physician stating when you were seen and how long you are expected to be out to lernerexcusedabsence@udel.edu.

If you are out due to the serious illness or death of a family member, please send supporting documentation (family physician or obituary) to lernerexcusedabsence@udel.edu.

If you have further questions about the University of Delaware’s policy or about excused absences in general, please contact the Lerner College’s Assistant Dean’s Office at 302-831-2553.

Policies that Impact International Students

  • Enrollment Options
    • International Students must complete a “course permit form” in order to withdraw from or change the enrollment option of a course
    • International Students: courses taken as pass/fail must count toward free elective credits
    • International Students must be enrolled in at least 12 credits for a grade (including pass/fail). Freshmen international students have the option of dropping below 12 credits but must apply for a “reduced course load” and work closely with their assigned advisor in order to make this request. Senior international students have the option of dropping below 12 credits during their final semester of coursework, only if their degree plan to graduation indicates a requirement of classes that total less than 12 credits for the final semester.
  • Transferring in Credits
  • Changing Majors
    • International students who graduate from the Academic Transitions (AT) program at the ELI may not have as much time as “traditional freshmen” in the Lerner College to change their major without having to meet any requirements. These students should work closely with their assigned academic advisor on plans to change their major while they are still considered freshmen.
  • Academic Dismissal
    • If an international student is academically dismissed, he or she cannot legally remain in the United States; he or she can take online UD classes on a part-time basis from outside the country in an effort to raise his or her GPA and apply for readmission to UD.

Resources for International Students

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