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MBA Advising

When contacting your advisor via email, please provide your correctly spelled name and student ID number so that your advisor can access your information on UDSIS.

On-Campus MBA Academic Advisor

Andrea Hartman, hartmana@udel.edu
Make an advising appointment – on-campus program

Online MBA Academic Advisor

Amy Estey, amye@udel.edu
Make an advising appoinment – online program

Assistance for MBA Students

Need help? Let us do it for you. Send a concise email to your advisor with your full legal name, student ID number, and the course you want to register for or withdraw from. If you are getting an error code in UDSIS, give us some information so that we can address the issue.

If you need to take fall or spring semester off for any reason (illness, relocation, job situation, wedding, etc.) let us know. Email your full legal name and student ID number to your advisor to request a leave. A Leave of Absence (LOA) does not affect your GPA and there is no fee for this status.

Course Schedules

View the course schedules at the links below to plan ahead and be confident that you will be meeting your degree requirements in a timely manner.

At least one section of each of the required core courses will be offered each term. Electives may be offered less frequently – once a year or perhaps only once every other year and are organized by major or concentration. Consider taking the electives that interest you as soon as you satisfy their respective prerequisites.

On-campus course schedules

Online course schedules

Degree Checklists

The MBA degree requirements are the same, regardless of the format (on-campus or online). Students in the Online MBA Program have a narrower set of course options offered online than are offered in the on-campus program, where students can choose graduate-level electives from the Lerner College or from the University at large. Therefore, the Online Checklist specifies exactly which online classes are offered in each concentration or major.

MBA degree checklists
For on-campus, hybrid and online students.

Course descriptions
Look up a brief description for any UD class. Graduate-level classes start at the 600-level. Academic/University Breadth Requirements are only for undergraduate classes.

Sample Syllabi

The sample syllabi are provided to help you choose courses.

Although they represent real syllabi from past terms, they are not a guarantee of course content – syllabi may change from term to term. Each professor and term has a distinct syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I transfer credits between UD and another school?

If you have moved away, you can continue with your Lerner MBA in most cases by taking online courses as part of the hybrid MBA option for on-campus students.

Under certain conditions, we may be able to accept graduate credit from other institutions:

  1. The institution must be AACSB-accredited;
  2. The class must carry a grade of B or better (not a B-); and
  3. The class must have been completed within the past five years.

Per University policy,

  • Only 9 graduate credits may be transferred in.
  • Credits are not transferred until the student has completed nine credits of graduate work at the University of Delaware.
  • Only earned credits transfer, not earned grades.
  • Courses must have been conducted over a ~14 week semester in order for all credits to transfer. Credits from schools on 10-week quarters will be transferred at 2/3 value.
  • Students who wish to transfer credits to the University of Delaware must provide a course syllabus (not a course description) for each course being considered and official transcripts showing the courses and grades. You may need to contact your prior institution for copies of course syllabi.

How do I declare a major or concentration? Do I have to choose one?

You do not need to officially declare a major or concentration until graduation although we suggest that you meet with your advisor to be sure that you are on the right track to earn the major or concentration that you want.

You are not required to choose a major or concentration. If you want to pursue a General MBA, you may choose five unrelated graduate elective courses for a total of 15 credits.

You can also choose from the following options. Please keep in mind that the actual credit count may vary depending on your course waivers and course transfers.

  • MBA with a major and a concentration: 15 credits for the major + 9 credits for the concentration (the program will be 53 credits).
  • MBA with a double major: 15 credits for the 1st major + 15 credits for the 2nd major (the program will be 59 credits).
  • MBA with a double concentration: 9 credits for the 1st concentration + 9 credits for the 2nd concentration (the program will be 47 credits).

How can I get a course waiver?

Course waivers are granted for certain courses only and may be granted when all of the following criteria are met:

  • You have earned a bachelor’s degree from an AACSB-accredited institution within the past 5 years.
  • You have successfully completed at least 6 credits of undergraduate coursework in the related discipline with a grade of “B” or better in each course.
  • Except as noted below, at least 3 of the above credits are in a course at the intermediate level.

All course waivers are subject to individual review and require the submission of syllabi for all non-UD courses. Meeting the above guidelines does not guarantee that a course waiver will be granted.

Students in the MBA program may have up to 12 credits of course waivers and 9 credits of course transfers but no more than 12 credits combined between the two. A minimum of 32 graduate credits must be taken at the University of Delaware.

MBA Course Waiver Guidelines Effective 6/1/23

What classes should I sign up for?

The Tier I Core courses (ACCT 600, BUAD 620, BUAD 670, and ECON 603) are the suggested courses for first semester students. These courses are prerequisites for later MBA courses. Completing these courses first/early in your MBA program will enable you to keep moving forward as quickly as possible. Part-time students register for either one or two courses while full-time students register for three or four. If you’re not sure how many courses you can handle, sign up for the maximum number, then drop one if you need to.

How should I choose among several courses when I am scheduling my classes?

Always remember that the 10 core (required) classes are offered every fall and spring semester. Electives, on the other hand, are typically offered once a year or once every two years. Therefore, choose electives of interest when they are available since you can pick up the core class on a later semester.

How do I find the right MBA class?

Review the following to find the courses that you need: