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You can register for courses only when a registration period is open based on the semester/session start date. By logging into UDSIS, you can check your “Registration Appointment” which will tell you when to begin registering for classes.

Registration closes when either the course fills to capacity or the free drop/add period ends for that respective semester/session. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific dates.

Full/Canceled Classes

If a course is canceled, closed or full, you will have to wait until the next semester (or year) to take it. It’s best to register as early in the period as possible, and have a “plan B” ready in case the course you want isn’t available.

Free Add/Drop Periods

During free drop/add periods, you can add, drop, or change courses without financial penalty. You will receive a 100% tuition refund for courses dropped during this specific time. Once the last day of free drop/add has passed, there are no tuition refunds, and you cannot add or drop a course. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific dates.

Withdrawal Period

After free drop/add has ended, you can withdraw from a course by logging into UDSIS and following the prompts for registration. Withdrawing from a course results in a $25.00 fee and a “W” will appear on your transcript. Withdrawing does not negatively affect your GPA.

After the withdrawal period ends, you must remain in the course. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific dates.

International students must maintain nine graded credit hours per Fall/Spring semester, so be careful when dropping/withdrawing from a course.

Course Registration FAQ

How many classes should I sign up for?

Part-time students register for either one or two classes, while full-time students register for three or four. If you’re not sure how many courses you can handle, sign up for the maximum number, then drop one if you need to.

International students must register for three courses in order to be considered a full-time student for visa purposes.

Why aren’t all the classes offered in summer and winter sessions?

Because of study abroad and other teaching commitments on the part of the faculty, we cannot produce a full menu of classes for summer and winter sessions. The course offerings tend to change from year to year based on professor availability. It’s sometimes helpful to use an upcoming summer or winter session schedule to choose classes offered in that session, then look for other choices in the adjacent fall and spring.

I am trying to register for courses and UDSIS will not let me. What’s wrong?

Missing prerequisite

If you have a waiver for a course that serves as a prerequisite for the course you’re attempting to register for, access will be denied.


  • You’ve been given a course waiver for ACCT 800. When you attempt to register for BUAD 680 or FINC 650, UDSIS will block you out.
  • You were waived out of FINC 650, so UDSIS will block your attempts to register for any course in the FINC 650 series, such as 651, 652, etc.

Simply send a quick note to your advisor with your full legal name, student ID number, and the course you need. Let us know you have a course waiver so we can quickly get you in the course.

Hold on your account

Check the status of your account via UDSIS or via Student Financial Services. Report any discrepancies to sfs-advisor@udel.edu. A concise, polite email can work wonders. If you have a hold because of an unpaid balance or an immunization hold, you cannot register until you have taken care of those items with the appropriate office.