Virtual Lab

The Virtual Lab is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection but performance will be best on the UD network.

Please review the Virtual Lab FAQ below for more information.

Connect to the Virtual Lab
You are required to schedule an onboarding appointment at the TechDeck to setup your computer and receive Virtual Lab training.

Schedule your appointment

To access the Virtual Lab, log in at:

Technical Information

The Virtual Lab utilizes the Citrix receiver to provide connectivity between your personal computer and the virtual desktop. The Citrix receiver is freely available for installation on Windows and Mac.

You can download the Citrix Receiver for your computer from the links below:
windows-logoWindows Installer
mac-logoMac OS Installer


  • Enrollment via your instructor
  • A laptop/desktop
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Citrix Receiver
Virtual Lab FAQ
  • What is the Lerner College Virtual Lab?
    The Lerner College Virtual Lab is an online extension of physical lab space. It provides access to a full Windows 10 operating system and software available in the current lab environment. The Virtual Lab is accessible from anywhere and available 24/7 with an appropriate computer and a capable internet connection.

    The Virtual Lab is being offered as an opt-in opportunity to interested students who are currently using a personal computer to complete coursework and will require access to specific software.

  • Is the Virtual Lab always online?
    We are committed to providing you the best experience possible and we will make you aware of any planned outages. However, ensure that you plan accordingly for both scheduled and unscheduled outages.
  • How do I participate in the Lerner College Virtual Lab?
    Your instructor will enroll you if your class requires the Virtual Lab. However, you must be onboarded by the Lerner TechDeck prior to accessing the virtual lab.  For more information on the onboarding process, please read below.
  • Is onboarding necessary to use the Virtual Lab?
    To help ensure the best possible experience, we strongly recommend that all students participating in the Virtual Lab go through the onboarding process.  This will ensure that the necessary software and features to access the lab are installed and functioning on your computer.

    Your appointment will take place at the Lerner College TechDeck, in Purnell Hall room 026.

    If you have any questions about your onboarding please submit a ticket through our online form. You may be prompted to log in with your UD credentials.

  • How do I schedule my onboarding appointment for the Virtual Lab?
    You can schedule your appointment using our online calendar, linked below.  We advise scheduling your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to ensure your appointment is at a time you desire.

    Schedule your appointment

  • Will my device work for the Virtual Lab?
    The Lerner College virtual lab was designed to work on a wide variety of productivity devices. This includes Windows and Apple Desktops, as well as Laptop computers. The virtual lab is not designed to work on mobile devices such as iPads, smartphones, and other iOS or Android devices.

    For best performance we recommend the following minimum specifications:

    • Windows 7 or Apple OS X 10.7+
    • 4Gb of RAM
    • Wired or wireless connection on the UD Network

    If you need help selecting a computer to use with the virtual lab, please review the recommended computer specifications set forth by the University for more detailed information.

  • Is a certain browser required when accessing the Virtual Lab?
    We recommend using Firefox when establishing a connection to the Virtual Lab.
  • What software do I have access to?

    The following software is available on computers within the Virtual Lab:

    Adobe Acrobat XI Pro
    Axure RP Pro
    EViews v8
    FileZilla Client
    Google Chrome
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus
    Microsoft Office Project Professional
    Microsoft Visio Professional
    Minitab v14
    Mozilla Firefox
    NetBeans IDE
    R for Windows
    SAS v9.4 *
    SAS Framework Data Server
    SPSS Statistics v23
    SSH Secure Shell

    *SAS is available on a per-user basis. If you need SAS for a class, please send an email to

  • Am I able to save my work on the Virtual Lab?
    The Virtual Lab is built around providing a reliable and consistent experience. To achieve this goal any changes made within the lab environment are reverted during logoff and all desktops are restored to a pristine state. Cloud storage is provided allowing files to be saved remotely and accessed seamlessly between Virtual Lab sessions.

    MyFiles will always be accessible from your Virtual Desktop. Web access to MyFiles is currently only accessible on the UD network.

  • How do I use and access MyFiles?

    The MyFiles system can be accessed at

    For detailed information on using the system, please review the PDF documentation on using the MyFiles drive.
    If you have any additional questions please email