Finance Databases & Bloomberg Training

Finance Databases
The availability of our databases is made possible through the generous support of the Lerner College, the Unidel Foundation, Donald J. Puglisi, and gifts from many other alumni, faculty, and friends.

SDC Platinum Merger and Acquisition Data

SDC Platinum Global New Issues Data

Equilar Board of Director and Director Compensation Data

Wharton Research Database Services network (WRDS)

Lerner subscribes to the WRDS network, which provides web access to most of our data. To request access to the WRDS-delivered databases below, please contact your professor.

  • Board Analyst
  • COMPUSTAT North America
  • CRSP
  • IRI
  • IRRC
  • Thomson Financial
  • Thompson Reuters Ibes
  • Ibes Guidance
  • Ibes Global Aggregates
Bloomberg and FactSet Training
The following videos are short introductions to Bloomberg and FactSet. For more detailed instruction please attend a Lerner Trading Center workshop or ask a lab assistant.

Bloomberg Training Materials

Here is a collection of Bloomberg training materials for you to further enhance your skill set:

Getting Started (PDF)
Launchpad (PDF)
Equities (PDF)
Fixed Income (PDF)
Energy (PDF)
Electricity (PDF)
Commodities (PDF)
Economics (PDF)
Foreign Exchange (PDF)
Insurance (PDF)
Law (PDF)
News and Multimedia (PDF)