MBA Advising

MBA Academic Advisor

Andrea Hartman


Andrea serves all campus-based MBA and graduate certificate students.

To contact Andrea, please use email for maximum clarity and a record of the conversation details. Provide your correctly spelled name and SID# so your information can be looked up on UDSIS.

Advising Appointments

Please come to your advising appointment prepared for anything you may want to discuss.

Each appointment slot is 30 minutes, so if you have a lot of questions or want to discuss concentrations or specializations in depth, sign up for two adjacent appointment slots.

If you would like to meet by phone rather than in person, sign up for an advising slot and then let us know it will be a phone call. At your appointment time, please call the front desk (302-831-2221) and let them know you have an appointment with Andrea. They will forward the call.

Set Up an Appointment

Click here to set up an appointment. First-time users will need to set up an account using basic information.

Online MBA Academic Advisors

Amy Estey


Amy serves all Online MBA students with last names A-K.

Students wishing to set up an advising appointment with Amy should contact her via email with 2-3 dates/times they are available to talk.  She’ll send a Zoom invite for the day/time that is mutually agreeable.  Please provide your full legal name and your SID# so she can find you quickly.

Shabbir Wardhawala


Shabbir serves all Online MBA students with last names L-Z.

About Grades

See the University catalog for the complete set of grading policies. Below are the issues that come up most often.

The University of Delaware runs on a 4.0 scale. Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Index (commonly referred to as a GPA) to remain in good standing. Remember that the GPA is an average of your grades. A grade of C in one class may be offset by a grade of A in another.

Only graded, graduate-level classes with grades of C- or better count toward your degree. If you receive a D+ or lower in a Core/Required class, you must repeat (and pay for) the course until you pass. If you receive a grade of D+ or lower in an elective course, you do not have to repeat it, although you must make up the credits via another graded elective.

In order to graduate, you must have completed 48 graded credits (30 core/18 electives) with a final GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Disputing a Grade

First, being polite and professional at all times only helps the situation. Prepare your argument and then state your case.

Review the syllabus and calculate your grades based on the weights listed. Go as far as you can, then contact the professor to see where the grades differ. Politely inquire to make sure it’s not a clerical error. A calm conversation focused on the numbers will keep it moving forward.

Remember that grades can be changed by the issuing professor at any time until your transcript is closed at degree conferral. If the disputed grade is in your final semester class, then you do have a time limit and need to visit with the professor sooner rather than later.

Please note that the we do not get involved except in extenuating circumstances (car accidents, medical emergencies, etc.). The dispute process stays between the student and the professor issuing the grade.

Special Advising Requests

Please allow a minimum of 2 business days (more during the first/last two weeks of a semester/session) for us to deliver the following correspondence.

International Students Reduced Enrollment Form

Find this form at OISS. It is used if you need only 1 or 2 classes in your final semester.  We need to review and sign prior to the last day of Drop/Add for the respective semester.

Library Carrel Reservation Form

We need to verify & sign these forms from the Library.

Grade Letters

If your employer requires grade letters prior to reimbursement, contact us with the required information (check with your human resources department) and then let us know when your grade has posted. Help the process by contacting with your request prior to the end of the semester so we can have it set up and waiting for the grade.

Letters of Recommendation

We do not write recommendation letters for students unless you have worked in our office. We suggest that you contact a professor from a class you enjoyed or did well in. Your professors have observed your group work, leadership and class participation.

Degree Letters

These are issued by the Office of Graduate & Professional Education once your degree has been cleared and conferred, usually 3-4 weeks after your final semester/session concludes.