Our Advisors

Professional Advisors for Freshmen & Sophomores

Freshman and sophomore accounting, business undeclared, economics, economics education, finance, financial planning and wealth management, management, marketing, operations management, and management information systems majors may see any advisor in the Lerner Undergraduate Advising Office.

  • Freshmen and sophomore Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management (HRIM) and Hospitality Industry Management (HSIM) majors are advised by Mrs. Cindy Walkusky.
  • Sport Management majors are advised by Mrs. Cindy Walkusky.

A few of our majors have specific advisors for all four years of study. To schedule an appointment with an advisor for these majors, contact them directly.

  • Entrepreneurship & technology innovation majors are advised by Ms. Tricia Monnig, tmonnig@udel.edu
  • International business studies majors are advised by Dr. Jennifer Gregan, greganj@udel.edu

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with an advisor for these majors, call or stop by:

Office of Undergraduate Advising & Career Services
103 Lerner Hall
Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Professional Advisors
Cindy Walkusky
All Sport Management Majors
Freshman & Sophomore HRIM and Hospitality Industry Management Majors
Fax: 302-831-0708
Kim Wilson
Fax: 302-831-0708
monnig-tricia-advisor Tricia Monnig
All Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Majors, Horn Program in Entrepreneurship
132 E. Delaware Ave., Suite 100
Venture Development Center
UDSIS Online Appointment Scheduler
baldwin-carrie-advisor Colleen Kent Greenstine
Academic Advisor
108 Lerner Hall
(302) 831-4369
Fax: 302-831-0708

Faculty Advisors for Juniors, Seniors and Honors Students

Please contact the faculty advisor for your major(s) to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Jeff Gillespie, gillespj@udel.edu, 211 Purnell Hall, 302-831-1790
Honors Students only: Dr. John Wragge, wraggej@udel.edu, 214 Purnell Hall, 302-831-1807

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Dr. Skip White, skipw@udel.edu, 208 Purnell Hall, 302-831-6902

Management, Marketing and Operations Management

Mrs. Sandra Fields, fieldss@udel.edu, 203 Lerner Hall, 302-831-4565
Dr. Julia Bayuk, jbayuk@udel.edu, 205 Lerner Hall, 302-831-1027


Dr. Elizabeth Bayley, ebayley@udel.edu, 416C Purnell Hall, 302-831-4623

Economics Education

Dr. Bonnie Meszaros, meszaros@udel.edu, 102 Purnell Hall, 302-831-1896

Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation

Ms. Tricia Monnig, tmonnig@udel.edu, 132 E. Delaware Ave., Suite 100, 302-831-4619

Finance, Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Ms. Carrie Baldwin, baldwinc@udel.edu, 307A Purnell Hall, 302-831-3061

Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management

Dr. Francis Kwansa, kwansa@udel.edu, 116 Raub Hall, 302-831-6083 (last names beginning A-I)
Dr. Robert Nelson, bnelson@udel.edu, 202 Raub Hall, 302-831-6455 (HSIM majors and HRIM majors last names beginning M-Z and all HRIM and HSIM Honors students)

International Business Studies

Dr. Jennifer Gregan, greganj@udel.edu, 118 Lerner Hall, 302-831-2555

Sport Management

Mrs. Cindy Walkusky, cwalkusk@udel.edu, 103 Lerner Hall, 302-831-4369