Hospitality Business Management

Community Service

Community service plays an important role in the hospitality industry. HSBM majors are required to complete 100 hours of service to organizations that help those in need or improve the community. Your advisor can help you make sure the activity you’ve selected qualifies for community service hours.

Instructions for Submitting Community Service Hours

Use the community service form to record your community service hours.

Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Personal information including your UD student number
  • Information about your non-profit agency/organization
    • Agency/organization name, mailing address and phone number
    • Agency website
    • Your supervisor’s full name and email
  • Dates and number of hours served during your service experience

You will be provided with a link that you must submit to your supervisor so your service hours can be confirmed.

Please note: If you start to complete the form, but do not finish it, you will not be able to return to the form. You will need to start over.

Acceptable Community Service

Examples of community service may include activity involvement with the following types of non-profit agencies:

  • Animal shelters
  • Community dining rooms
  • Crisis centers
  • Disaster assistance organizations
  • Food banks
  • Group homes
  • Homeless shelters
  • Medical support and assistance groups (hospital)
  • Municipal community organizations
  • Religious aid groups
  • Senior centers and youth groups

Each community service activity requires a separate submission of the online form – which will then be confirmed by your supervisor.

A supervisor must not be a student or relative.

Certain community service events have a limit on the number of community service hours that will be accepted:

  • UDance – maximum 10 hours of community service per year
  • Food drives – maximum 5 hours per event

When you sign up to volunteer for an event, the organization is counting on your participation. Therefore, if you sign up to volunteer for an event and do not participate, five hours of community service will be deducted from your total hours.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email or visit Raub Hall.

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