Lerner Executive Mentoring Program

The Lerner Executive Mentoring Program matches you with an executive whose professional background is complementary to your career objectives.


All Lerner majors are eligible to register for this program. You have two opportunities during the year to register, as follows:

  • Registration opens for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors during the late spring to start in the program in September.
  • Registration opens for current sophomores and juniors during the late fall to start in the program in February.

How to Get Involved

Registration is currently closed.

Goals of the Program

As a student mentee, you will:

  • Receive guidance toward professional goals through graduation and beyond
  • Focus on your professional development and growth
  • Build and strengthen your professional networks
  • Prepare to enter the workforce

Commitment & Expectations

As a student mentee, you will:

  • Attend a mandatory Orientation session prior to being matched with a mentor
  • Initiate a personalized introductory email to your mentor
  • Have a meaningful conversation with your mentor at least once a month (in person, phone, or via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime video)
  • Work with your mentor to establish specific goals and objectives for the academic year
  • Prepare for meetings with your mentor, including creating an agenda, sharing the agenda with your mentor in advance, asking for input from your mentor, and doing research prior to meeting with your mentor
  • Return emails and phone calls from your mentor immediately
  • Contact the program coordinator when questions and concerns arise
  • Complete surveys to help measure success outcomes

Sample Meeting Activities

  • Job shadowing / resume review / interview training
  • Discussion on career and life objectives
  • Networking with your mentor’s colleagues
  • Meeting for lunch or dinner
  • Attending a conference or business meeting together

Additional Program Details

You will be paired with the same mentor for the duration of the mentoring program (through your graduation).

This is not an internship program. You should not expect that you will receive an internship or job offer through this program.

You will get out of the mentoring relationship what you put into it!

Resources for Mentees

The Mentor’s Guide (PDF) (CCC/The Mentoring Group)

The Mentee’s Guide (PDF) (CCC/The Mentoring Group)

Skills for Successful Mentoring (PDF) (CCC/The Mentoring Group)

75 Things To Do With Your Mentees (PDF) (CCC/The Mentoring Group)

University of Delaware Career Outcomes

Undergraduate Career Resources (Guidelines for resumes, cover letters, interviewing, jobs & internships, networking, and more!)