Research Databases

The Lerner IT Team has a variety of data available for researchers, available through both Lerner and the University Library.

Library Databases
The University of Delaware’s Library makes many databases and data sets available for use. Please visit the Library Databases site for more information.
Available through Lerner
The list below has some services that supply multiple databases. For example, WRDS has about 30 different sections, some of which are listed separately (e.g., CRSP) and others that are not, but are paid for under other subscriptions (e.g. Dow Jones, CBOE Indexes, 13F).

Some other services are limited to particular subscribers or departments.

  • Bloomberg
  • Factset
  • UNEB
  • Ravenpack
  • BoardEx
  • S&P Capital IQ
  • SDC
    • New Issues
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • WRDS
    • Audit Analytics (Audit and Compliance)
    • Bank Regulatory
    • Blockholders
    • CBOE Indexes
    • Compustat (North America+Legacy+Annual Updates, Bank, Historical Segments, Execucomp, Marginal Tax Rates, Tools)
    • CRSP Annual Update (Stock: Security Files, Events, Portfolio Assignments, Index: Stock File, Cap-based Portfolios, S&P500, Treasury+Inflation, CRSP Select Series, CRSP: Compustat Merged, Tools)
    • CRSP Quarterly Update (Index History Intraday, Mutual Fund, Tools)
    • CUSIP (Issuer, Issue)
    • Dealscan
    • DMEF (Multi-Division Catalog, Non-Profits, Reproduction Catalog, Specialty Catalog)
    • Dow Jones (Daily, Monthly)
    • Event Study (Daily Event Study)
    • Eventus (all)
    • Fama-French Portfolios (Portfolios, Liquidity Factors)
    • Federal Reserve Bank (Forex, Interest Rates, State Composite Indexes)
    • IBES (Academic, Summary History)
    • IRI
    • ISS aka RiskMetrics (Directors, Governance)
    • Option Metrics (Ivy DB US)
    • OTC Markets (End-of-Day Pricing)
    • Penn World Tables (7.1, National Accounts)
    • PHLX (Currency Options, Implied Volatility)
    • Public Data (Bureau of Economic Analysis, BLS, Healthcare)
    • SEC Order Execution (2000-2005)
    • TAQ (Monthly Product – some years not available)
    • Institutional Holdings 13f
    • TRACE OTC Corporate Bond and Agency Debt Bond Transaction Data