2020 Print Server Update

Who is Affected?

The primary group affected by this change will be faculty, staff, and graduate students using Windows-based computers issued by Lerner IT that are mapped to the print server.
If you have received a new computer from the Lerner IT team within the past 12 months, this change should not affect you.

Users of MacOS will not be affected.

What is happening?

On February 18, 2020, the Lerner IT team will be changing our print server. We will be moving from our old system to a newer, more secure server. On this date, the old server will be powered down, making printing unavailable for anyone who has not changed to the new system.
We will be pushing a self-service tool to allow users to re-add printers on their own.

What will happen to my printers?

The changeover will disable any printers associated with the old print server. Users will have access to a tool that will allow them to re-add the same printers, as associated with the new server. This change should not affect personally owned printers, or printers not listed on the Lerner print server.
You may see the names of departmental printers change slightly.

If you are using printers that are not part of your normal department, you may need to have these re-added by the Lerner IT team if you use them regularly.

Konica Printers

Some Konica Minolta printers may require additional configuration to make function after the change. If your department has given you a PIN or a Print Code to use with your printer, please review the instructions below, or reach out to the Lerner IT team if you require assistance.

Configuring Konica Minolta Printers with PINs
  1. In the Windows Search bar type Printers and select the Printers & Scanners system settings.
    Search for Printers & Scanners
  2. Click on the printer you are trying to add the PIN to, then click Manage
    Select Manage for printer in question
  3. Click Printer Preferences
    Click on Printer Preferences
  4. Once the Printer Preferences menu opens, go to the Basic tab and click the Authentication/Account Track button
    Authentication/Account Track button
  5. Input your printer code in the Password field. Click Verify to check that the code is correct. If the code is correct, click OK.
    Menu to input printer code
  6. Click Apply and then click OK to close the preferences window.
    Click Apply

Can I make changes myself?

We will be providing a tool which will allow you to add printers to your computer manually. Please be advised that some Konica printers may require additional steps as outlined above in order to return to full functionality.

How to Use the Self-Service Printer Utility
  1. Open File Explorer on your computer
    • File Explorer will likely be located in your Start Menu or at the bottom of the screen as a Folder Icon.
      File Explorer Location
    • Once open, you may have to select This PC on the left hand side to locate the C:\ Drive
      This PC location
  2. Navigate to the folder C:\Utilities
  3. Double click on the icon in the folder for Printer Self Service
    Printer Self Service in Folder
  4. The Utility will open after a few seconds. You may see a black box flash on your screen when you run it.
    Printer Self Service Utility
  5. You should see a list of printers associated with your department. Select the printer that you wish to add and then click Add Printer.
    Adding a Printer using the Printer Self Service Tool
  6. A confirmation listing all printers added should appear in the bottom portion of the application. If needed, repeat the selection process to have it add other printers.
    Printers have been added using the Self Service Tool
  7. When you have added the printers that you want, click Remove Old Printers to remove anything associated with the old Print Server. Please be advised that connections associated with the old print server will stop working as of February 18, 2020.
    Removing Old Printers

If you need help for any reason, please contact the Lerner IT team for assistance.