UD Lerner Profile photo guidelines

We highly recommend having your photo taken with UD Photo Services, contact Cheryl Cunningham at ccunning@udel.edu. Please mention Julie Morin’s name when making the appointment so the images are forwarded to us.

  • Your profile picture should be professionally photographed in business headshot style. This style helps maintain a standard look and feel among all Lerner faculty. The person’s appearance is professional, refined and the photo looks composed. The picture is vertical, and the image includes the face, head and shoulders, a plain background, and is not cropped too closely to the head. The picture should be in color, in focus, have proper lighting, good composition and expert color correction and retouching.
  • Images that do not fit the standards above can potentially be used for other purposes, but will not be used as a profile picture.
  • Our team will resize the image for use on the website. The dimensions are 250 x 375 pixels, 72 DPI, saved as a jpeg.
  • If no photo is provided then the default “silhouette.jpg” will be used.
  • Examples:
    • Photographs taken with a cell phone, in general, are not usable.
    • Images of people backed up against a wall, horizontal images, and images that have been cropped too closely to the subject’s head do not fit the standards for this style of headshot.
    • Photographs of people at a party, giving a talk, in a meeting, on the phone, sitting at a desk, or in general doing anything other than looking at the camera and posing do not fit this style.