UD Lerner Faculty/Staff Directory Guidelines

Note: Lerner Communications reviews faculty/staff directory submissions in accordance with UD/Lerner editorial style. No exceptions will be made.

Preferred Name [REQUIRED]

  • First, middle and last (No Courtesy titles)


  • Titles are separated by comma
  • List teaching titles first
  • Format: Professor/Instructor, etc. of SUBJECT, other titles with a dash separating the two parts of the title
    • Example: Associate Professor of Economics, Director – Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship


  • Should be @udel.edu unless unavailable


  • Office number and building name/street name only (Do not include Newark, DE and zip code unless they are off campus)


  • Format: (302) 831-XXXX

Biography (PREFERRED)

  • Up to 300 words in paragraph form (Lerner Communications will review biography to ensure it meets UD/Lerner editorial style standards).
  • The biography provides a top-level overview of a faculty members background focused on education & career
  • Can include up to two awards and honors focusing on the most recent and/or the most prestigious awards
  • A full listing of awards to be included in the “Awards & Honors” section
  • Dates should be specific and not relative (e.g. …award received in May of 2018 as opposed to last May)
  • The biography should be written in third person
  • May not include personal information
  • May use Dr. on the second reference within the text of the biography

Education (PREFERRED for Professors/Instructors)

  • Bulleted list, most recent first
  • Years are not required
  • Format: Degree abbreviation “in” subject (not capitalized), institution
    • Example: Ph.D. in business administration, New York University

Select Publications

  • Maximum of 15, bulleted list
  • May include forthcoming publications

Awards & Honors

  • Maximum of 15, bulleted list
  • Grants may not list amount
  • Format: Title or description of the award, year(s)
    • Example: The Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics MBA Teaching Award for Outstanding Teaching, 2006, 2009

Curriculum Vitae

  • Will be saved as a PDF
  • PDF file will be saved and renamed: Firstname_Lastname_CV.pdf
  • When updating CVs, communications will replace outdated CVs and delete old PDF in media library
  • CV will open in a new tab


  • A link to the faculty member’s professional website
  • Disclaimer language will be added indicating that the university takes no responsibility for comments on a faculty member’s site
  • Name the link: Visit Firstname Lastname’s personal webpage
  • Website will open in a new tab

Profile Photos (Preferred)