Lerner Web Committee

The Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics Web Committee was convened in 2016 to develop guidelines and policies for Lerner’s web presence. Examples of policy issues include privacy, intellectual property, information security, editorial and style guidelines, and commercial activity on the Lerner web site.

Lerner Website Governance Policy

Role of the Web Committee

The role of the Web Committee going forward will be to examine strategies for making the most effective use of the web, focusing on innovation and user satisfaction. Committee members will continue to advocate for the web needs of the campus community and ensure that the College’s mission and goals are served in short and long-term web planning. A critical function of the committee is to serve as a forum for proactively communicating key developments.

About the Lerner College Website

The purpose of the Lerner website is to inform and attract prospective students, their parents and donors and to elevate the brand and reputation of the College. All content and functionality supports the purpose.

Web Governance Network

The governance network consists of professionals within the Lerner College who support the college-wide management of web content and technology, including:

  1. Web Committee: direct governance, create policy
  2. Lerner Communications Team: advise web committee, implement policy
  3. Department and center content experts: provide subject-matter expertise

Web Committee

The dean appoints the web committee to direct the governance of the Lerner website. The committee’s responsibilities are to:

  1. Establish goals, policy and procedures for the strategic maintenance of the website
  2. Support the purpose of the Lerner website and the Lerner brand
  3. Review department and center requests for design or functionality changes
  4. Apply expertise from multiple functional areas to the web presence

Lerner Communications Team

The web committee assigns management of the Lerner website to the Lerner Communications Team, which coordinates with offices within Lerner and UD as necessary and provides expertise and skill in website design, layout, functionality, copywriting, editing and technology selection. This centralized website management maximizes quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness.

Department and Center Content Experts

Each Lerner department and center is responsible for keeping its information on the web current and accurate, including department and center information appearing on the Lerner website, UD websites and selected third-party services. The department/center will designate a content expert who serves as a point of contact for Lerner communications.

  • Rick Andrews
  • Edward Hartono
  • Ruma Beldona
  • Donna Laws
  • Michele Mercurio
  • Samantha Newell
  • Susan Sherry
  • Katy Rost
  • Adam Sexton
  • Julie Morin
  • Michael Evans
  • Kim Wilson
  • Jill Pante