New MBA Students

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is designed to acquaint you with the people and places you’ll need to know as you begin your degree program. You will have time and opportunity to meet your classmates in a relaxed, no-pressure situation. Bring your questions – we’re here to answer them!

Invitations and details are sent from your degree program office.

Parking is in the Trabant Garage on West Main Street or the Center for the Arts (CFA) garage on South Main Street.

Questions? Please contact

Getting Started

Here are some things you’ll need to do to get started as a new student, usually 2 days after accepting your offer of admission:

  1. Activate your accounts — Go to the Getting Started with Technology page, click on Welcome New Students, and follow the instructions to activate your UDelNet and UD email accounts.
  2. Register for classes — See the registration page for more information and instructions.
  3. Note the start dates — Check the course start dates in UDSIS and the course schedule to make sure you are here and ready to go.
  4. Read your UD email — Check your UD email daily for all official communications, or forward your email to a non-UD account that you check daily.
  5. Set up deferred billing (if applicable) – If your employer offers tuition benefits, then defer billing and avoid late fees.
  6. Locate/check your tuition bill — Two to three days after registration, you can view your tuition bill on your UDSIS student page (My Finances) or on the Student Financial Services website.
  7. Order textbooks — Order your textbooks from the UD Bookstore or other outlets, such as or Course packs, individual readings, and other Special orders will be available through the University Bookstore.
  8. Get a student ID (optional) — After registering for classes, you may visit the UD Student Services Building to get your ID. A student ID is required to check books out of the Library or get into sporting events with student tickets.
  9. Get a calculator (if required) — FINC 850 requires a financial calculator (keys for Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Present Value, Future Value, Payments, etc.). The Texas Instruments BA II Plus is used in the classroom along with Excel spreadsheets, but other brands and types are also available. BUAD 820 and BUAD 831 may use this calculator as well.