MBA Course Waivers & Transfers


A significant academic background in business may qualify you for a course waiver, which can reduce the number of credits you need to earn a graduate business degree.

Course waivers are granted for certain courses only and may be granted when all of the following criteria are met:

  • You have obtained a bachelor’s degree from an AACSB-accredited institution within the past five years.
  • You have successfully completed at least 6 credits of undergraduate coursework in the related discipline with a grade of “B” or better in each course.
  • Except as noted below, at least 3 of the above credits are in a course at the intermediate level.

All course waivers are subject to individual review and require the submission of syllabi for all non-UD courses. Meeting the above guidelines does not guarantee that a course waiver will be granted.

Students in the MBA program may have up to 12 credit of course waivers and 9 credit of course transfers. A minimum of 36 graduate credits must be taken at the University of Delaware.

Course Requirements for Waiver

UD MBA requirement UD Undergraduate courses that meet the requirement for waiver
ECON 503 : Economic Analysis for Business Policy ECON 101 & ECON 251
ACCT 800 : Financial Reporting & Analysis ACCT 207 & ACCT 208
FINC 850 : Financial Management FINC 311 and either FINC 312 or FINC 392
BUAD 831 : Operations Management & Management Science BUAD 306 and BUAD 346
BUAD 870 : Managing Human Capital BUAD 309 and either: BUAD 384, BUAD 386, BUAD 420, BUAD 421, BUAD 422, BUAD 423, BUAD 426
BUAD 880 : Marketing Management BUAD 301 and either: BUAD 302 or Any 400-level Marketing course

MBA course waiver guidelines for HOSP majors (PDF)

MBA course waiver guidelines for HSIM majors (PDF)


Under certain conditions, we may be able to accept graduate credit from other institutions:

  1. The institution must be AACSB-accredited;
  2. The class must carry a grade of B or better (not a B-); and
  3. The class must have been completed within the past five years.

Per University policy,

  • Only 9 graduate credits may be transferred in.
  • Credits are not transferred until the student has completed nine credits of graduate work at the University of Delaware.
  • Only earned credits transfer, not earned grades.
  • Courses must have been conducted over a ~14 week semester in order for all credits to transfer. Credits from schools on 10-week quarters will be transferred at 2/3 value.
  • Students who wish to transfer credits to the University of Delaware must provide a course syllabus (not a course description) for each course being considered and official transcripts showing the courses and grades. You may need to contact your prior institution for copies of course syllabi.


Contact your advisor for additional details.

On-Campus MBA program advisor: Andrea Hartman,