MBA Course Schedules

Whether you’re attending the program full-time or part-time, you want to achieve your goal as soon as possible. Use the course schedules below to plan ahead and be confident that you’ll be meeting your degree requirements in a timely manner.

Note that at least one section of each of the required core courses will be offered each fall and spring semester.  Electives may be offered less frequently—once a year or perhaps only once every other year.  The carousel of on-campus classes below shows when the various electives are being offered.  They are organized by major or concentration. Consider taking the electives that interest you as soon as you satisfy their respective prerequisites.

Current Course Schedules

Fall 2020 Schedule (PDF)
Updated 08/05/20

Carousel of Online Classes Fall 2020 – Summer 2021 (PDF)
Updated 07/29/2020

Carousel of On-Campus Classes – Fall 2020 – Summer 2021 (PDF)
Updated 03/24/20

Past Course Schedules

The past course schedules are provided to help you plan for upcoming terms. Similar courses are offered during the same term each year.

Summer 2020 Schedule (PDF)
Updated 04/15/20

Spring 2020 Schedule (PDF)
Updated 02/27/20

Winter 2020 Schedule (PDF)
Updated 10/18/19

Fall 2019 Schedule (PDF)
Updated 8/10/19

Summer 2019 Schedule (PDF)

Spring 2019 Schedule (PDF)

Winter 2019 Schedule (PDF)