MBA Registration

Registration Periods

You can register for classes only when a registration period is open, based on the semester/session start date:

  • Spring: Registration opens in mid-November; closes two weeks after Spring Semester starts
  • Summer: Registration opens the first Monday after Spring Break; closes four days after the start of the respective session (Summer I, Summer II)
  • Fall: Registration opens in mid-April; closes two weeks after Fall Semester starts.
  • Winter: Registration opens the end of October; closes four days after the start of the session.

Please note that online MBA classes run on a seven-week compressed schedule. If you plan to take an online class that starts in April (Spring 2) or October (Fall 2), make sure you are registered for it before the Free Add/Drop Date in the respective semester (Spring or Fall).  Example: If you want to take a Fall 2 class, you must have it registered by the second week of classes (early September).

How to Register

You can register for classes yourself via UDSIS.

  1. Go to UDSIS, and sign in with your UD credentials
  2. Click Registration & Drop/Add
  3. Click the Add A Course (Add one or two classes for part-time, three or four classes for full-time.)
  4. Type in the course you want (Example: MBA students start with ACCT 800, BUAD 820, BUAD 870, and ECON 503. If other classes are full/closed, you can also take BUAD 840.)
  5. Make sure you choose the right section number
  6. Section 010, 050, 051, or 052 for on-campus, live classes
  7. Section 197 or 199 if on-campus student taking an occasional online course
  8. Section 198 if you are in the Online MBA Program
  9. Review Course information and click Add

Note: Per immigration visa requirements, on-campus international students can sign up for no more than one online class per semester.

Full/Cancelled Classes

If a class fills up or closes, you will have to wait until the next semester (or year) to take it. It’s best to register as early in the period as possible. Classes with low enrollment will sometimes be cancelled, so stay registered for the class you want as your vote to keep it open. Always have a Plan B ready in case your course is cancelled, closed or full.

Free Add/Drop Periods

During Free Drop/Add periods, you can add, drop, or change classes without financial penalty. You will receive a 100% tuition refund for classes dropped during this specific time.

Fall/Spring Semester – Last day of Free Drop/Add is two weeks after the first day of the semester.

Winter/Summer – Last day of Free Drop/Add is the fourth day (Thursday) of the first week of class.

Once the last day of Free Drop/Add has passed, there are no more tuition refunds and you cannot add or drop a class.

Withdrawal Period

After Free Drop/Add has ended, you can withdraw from a class by logging into UDSIS and following the prompts for registration. Or, email with your full legal name, SID# and the class you wish to withdraw from, and we’ll do it for you.

Withdrawing from a class results in a $25 fee and a “W” on your transcript. Withdrawing does not negatively affect your GPA.

The Withdrawal period ends 9-10 weeks after the start (mid/late October for Fall; mid/late April for Spring). After that date, you must remain in the class.

International students must maintain 9 graded credit hours per Fall/Spring semester, so be careful when dropping/withdrawing from a class.

Assistance for MBA Students

Need help? Let us do it for you. Send a concise email message to with your full legal name, SID#, and the class/es you want to register for or withdraw from. If you are getting an error code in UDSIS, give us some information so we can address the issue.

If you need to take a fall or spring semester off for any reason (an illness, relocation, job situation, wedding, etc.) let us know. Email your full legal name and SID# to to request a leave. A Leave of Absence (LOA) does not affect your GPA and there is no fee for this status.