Deferred Billing & Avoiding Late Fees

Many employers provide tuition benefits and will reimburse you once your grades are issued.  The University bills upon registration and you are expected to pay before classes begin. The University now has a program in place to defer billing, but you must make prior arrangements before each new semester/session begins.

If your employer pays some or all of your tuition, please read the following information to defer your tuition payment and avoid late fees and a registration hold. This information also applies to UD employees who enjoy course fee waivers and funded full-time students.

Disregard this information only if you are paying out of pocket.

For information on the Nursing/Business Deferred Employee Benefit, visit and scroll down to Nursing/Business Deferred Employee Benefits.

You will use your billing statement to indicate the deferred payment method. Here’s how:

  1. Start at My Finances or from the link of the same name on your UDSIS page.
  2. Click on the Student Login button and enter your UD username and password
  3. Click on the pencil icon (3rd column) under Additional Credits
  4. Open the drop down box and choose Business Deferred Employee Benefit, Departmental Funding, Third Party/Outside Source to be Invoiced, Employee Tuition Benefit, or whichever source applies in your situation. Each type will automatically provide specific instructions.
  5. Enter the amount of your reimbursement/aid, enter comments, and select Save Credits. By doing this you will secure your registration for the semester.
  6. If your payment amount is $0, select Submit Credits. If a payment amount is shown, submit the appropriate payment.

Avoiding Late Fees

You are required to submit information to Student Financial Services (SFS) by the payment due date, even if you are not going to pay for the course.  It is up to you to tell SFS how your tuition will be paid. You do this by running through the process listed above prior to the Semester/Session Payment Due Date.

Payment Due Dates 

Payments are due by the first day of classes. Late fees apply after the first day of classes.

More questions?

Please review frequently asked questions and/or contact Student Financial Services via AskSFS.