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Registration FAQ

What classes should I sign up for?

The Tier I Core courses (ACCT 600, BUAD 620, BUAD 670, and ECON 603) are the suggested courses for first semester students. These courses are prerequisites for later MBA courses. Completing these courses first/early in your MBA program will enable you to keep moving forward as quickly as possible. Part-time students register for either one or two courses while full-time students register for three or four. If you’re not sure how many courses you can handle, sign up for the maximum number, then drop one if you need to.

How do I request a course waiver?

Course waivers are granted at the time of admission into the MBA program.  Please visit the Course Waivers & Transfers page for further information.

When can I start registering for the next semester?

Registration dates are listed on the Office of the Registrar page in Academic Calendar. https://www1.udel.edu/registrar/cal/

When does registration close?

Registration closes when either the course fills to capacity or the free drop/add period ends for that respective semester/session.

How should I choose among several courses when I am scheduling my classes?

Always remember that the 10 core (required) classes are offered every fall and spring semester. Electives, on the other hand, are typically offered once a year or once every two years. Therefore, choose electives of interest when they are available since you can pick up the core class on a later semester.

Why aren’t more classes offered in Summer and Winter Sessions?

Due to study abroad and other teaching commitments on the part of the faculty, we cannot produce a full menu of courses for Summer and Winter Sessions. Use an upcoming Summer or Winter Session schedule to choose courses offered in that session, then look for other choices in the adjacent Fall and Spring.

How do I find the right MBA classes?

Review the following to find the courses that you need:

I am trying to register for courses and UDSIS will not let me. What’s wrong?

Missing Prerequisite

If you have a waiver for a course that serves as a prerequisite for the course you’re attempting to register for, access will be denied.


  • You’ve been given a course waiver for ACCT 800. When you attempt to register for BUAD 680 or FINC 650, UDSIS will block you out.
  • You were waived out of FINC 650, so UDSIS will block your attempts to register for any course in the FINC 650 series, such as 651, 652, etc.

Simply send a quick note to your advisor with your full legal name, student ID number, and the course you need.  Let us know you have a course waiver so we can quickly get you in the course.

Hold on Your Account

Check the status of your account via UDSIS or via Student Financial Services. Report any discrepancies to sfs-advisor@udel.edu. A clear, concise, polite email can work wonders. If you have a hold because of an unpaid balance or an immunization hold, we cannot help you register until you have taken care of those items with the appropriate office. To get registered, once any holds on your account have been cleared, send a brief email to your advisor with your full legal name, student ID number (not your social security number), and your course request in the following format: BUAD 670-051. The last three digits indicate the section number (specific day/time/location) that you want. We will register you and send you an acknowledgment.

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Graduation & Diploma FAQ

I am graduating this semester. Whom do I have to tell?

You will need to fill out the Application for Advanced Degree (AAD) and return it to the Graduate Office. After you sign and make payment, we’ll take it from there. Your advisor will verify the courses, obtain the signatures, and then forward your AAD to the Graduate Office. Once we process your form, we will let you know that everything was approved or contact you if there is a question. The AAD is due at the start of your final semester.  Look for an email from your advisor in mid-late January for Spring/Summer graduation, and mid-late August for Fall/Winter graduation.

I just finished my last course. Where is my diploma?

If you’ve filed your Application for Advanced Degree and passed your final courses, your diploma will arrive in the mail at the United States address you listed on the Application for Advanced Degree. Diplomas arrive in the following timeframe:

Spring Grads — late July

Summer Grads — mid-October

Fall Grads — mid-March

Winter Grads — late April

I might be moving before the diploma gets here. What do I do?

Log into UDSIS and change your diploma address as soon as you identify someone to receive it.  Diplomas can only be sent to an address in the United States.  If you know you will be out of the country, we suggest having your diploma sent to a trusted friend or family member within the United States.

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Concentration/Specialization FAQ

How do I declare my concentration/specialization?

You do not need to officially declare your major or concentration until graduation, although we suggest you meet with your advisor to be sure that you are on the right track to earn the major or concentration that you want.  See the Major/Concentration page for more details.

Do I have to have a concentration/specialization?

No, you can choose six unrelated graduate elective courses and graduate as a General MBA.

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Transferring Credits between Schools FAQ

I have been transferred to another city. How do I continue my MBA?

In most cases, you can continue with your MBA by taking online courses as part of the hybrid MBA option for on-campus students.

I started my MBA at another school and got transferred to Delaware. How do I continue my MBA?

Depending on how many hours you’ve completed in your program, you can choose to either:

  • Transfer those credits (up to a total of 9) to UD (if the original school is AACSB-accredited), or
  • Take courses here and transfer them back to the original school.

The above options are dependent on other variables, so conversations with your advisor and the advisor at your original school are highly suggested.

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Personal Business FAQ

I have encountered a situation that will keep me from attending my courses (family or personal illness, increased workload, unexpected travel, etc.) Free drop/add has passed. Now what do I do?

We suggest emailing or setting up an appointment with your advisor to explore possible options.

How do I file for a Leave of Absence (LOA)?

Send a brief email to your advisor requesting a Leave of Absence.  Include your full legal name and student ID number. State the semester for which you are requesting leave and when you plan to resume (so that you can register for courses when you’re ready to return). If the situation does not resolve, you may request another leave for the next semester. There are no fees due while you are on LOA status.

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