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MBA Course Prerequisites

The following list should be used as a reference for course prerequisites of MBA courses. Students should not register for a course without meeting the prerequisite(s) or with permission of the instructor.

Course Prerequisite
BUAD 625 ACCT 604, BUAD 621, MISY 631
BUAD 631 BUAD 620
BUAD 680 ACCT 600, ECON 603
BUAD 690 BUAD 631, BUAD 670, BUAD 680, FINC 650
FINC 650 ACCT 600
MISY 631 BUAD 620
  • Business Analytics classes (BUAD 621, BUAD 622) require BUAD 620 as a prerequisite.
  • Classes in the BUAD 670-series (671, 672, etc.) all require BUAD 670 as a prerequisite.
  • Courses in the FINC 600-series (651, 652, etc.) require FINC 650 as a prerequisite.

Course Registration

Course registration is available online by logging on to UDSIS or by sending your full legal name, student ID number, and the course/section number you wish to register for to your advisor.

Where Are My Course Waivers?

Course waiver documentation is kept in your student file in the Graduate & MBA Programs Office. Course waivers are not recorded on UDSIS, and the system will not recognize the course waivers. To register for courses that require a course you’ve had waived, please email your advisor.

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