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Graduating MBA Students

In order to graduate, you must file an Application for Advanced Degree (along with the $50 payment) at the start of your final semester. You also must complete the required courses/credits with a final GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Application for Advanced Degree

The Application for Advanced Degree (AAD) is due at the start of your final semester or session.  The deadlines are below:

  • December 1 for February graduates
  • February 1 for Spring graduates
  • May 1 for Summer graduates
    (Note: All Summer degrees are granted at the end of Summer II regardless of when you finished. If you are participating in Spring graduation exercises and want your name in the program, turn in your AAD in February).
  • September 1 for Fall/Winter graduates

Your application must be complete to be processed. Complete applications must be legible and include the following:

  • Payment of $50
  • Completed Career Survey

Submit your application according to the directions on the AAD email that you receive. We will collect signatures and process your application for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list a course waiver or transfer credit?

Simply write waived (WV) or transfer (TR) where the grade would otherwise go.

I’m a dual degree student. Are there enough lines on the form for all of my courses?

Dual degree students must complete all courses in both degree programs in order to graduate. If you need to use a separate page, please fill it out in its entirety.

What about the grades for the courses that I’m in this semester?

The Graduate Office will fill in your remaining grades on their final degree clearance after the semester grades are posted.

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