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Economics Master’s & Ph.D. Advising

Economics Handbook and Policies

Graduate Economics Programs Handbook (PDF)
Ph.D. in Economics Program Policy Statement (PDF)
M.S. in Economics and Applied Econometrics Program Policy Statement (PDF)

Economics Exam Schedules, Ph.D. Program

A student has a maximum of two attempts to pass each of the three examinations. If necessary, an examination must be retaken the first time the examination is offered. A missed attempt reduces the number of available attempts.

Ph.D. Qualifying examinations will be administered according to the following schedule:

  • Microeconomics – Last Thursday in June
  • Microeconomics Retake – Last Thursday before fall classes
  • Macroeconomics – Last Thursday before spring classes
  • Macroeconomics Retake – Last Thursday in June
  • Field – Last Thursday in June
  • Field – Last Thursday before spring classes